Going ALL IN is exactly how it sounds. It’s a commitment and a pledgeWhen you go ALL IN, you invest in a one-way ticket to growth, profitability and your very own Dream Team in just five weeks.

Going ALL IN is not just a theory. It incorporates an understanding of real-world human behavior and leverages that to produce the best outcomes for business owners, their teams, and their potential 5-Star Employees.
Richard Marlin
Success Martial Arts

During the 5-Star Employee Hiring System, you’ll work 1:1 with our 5-Star Employee experts to build the hiring process of your dreams.

With The 5-Star Employee Hiring System, You Get:

Not only will you have fun using your new hiring process, but you’ll have a blast collaborating with The ALL IN Team through each Phase of The Hiring System Overhaul! 

Wondering how it all works? 


1:1, Live Collaboration, Accountability, Structure, and Tangible Assets Organized to Perfection

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If you couldn’t tell by the three incredible Hiring System Overhaul phases, our approach is unique. We know the secret to success is giving business owners the actual tools they need to succeed at hiring 5-Star Employees.

We’ve categorized each Custom Asset as being Done For You (100%), Done With You (we’ll still do most of it), or Done By You (with handy templates).  You will not be left to your own devices during this Overhaul, trust us!  The ALL IN Team will put their eyes on everything.

Our Differentiators:

After receiving relevant information during our 1:1 Live Collaboration Sessions, The ALL IN Team works behind the scenes to develop and customize the following Recruitment Assets:

  1. 5-Star Employee Rating System Scorecard
  2. Role-Specific Custom Benchmark
  3. 11 Universal Qualities Interview Packet
  4. Role-Specific Aptitudes Interview Packet
  5. Job Posting to Attract 5-Star Candidates (BONUS: Maximized for Indeed’s top secret algorithm)
  6. Screening Interview Questions and Flow
  7. Hiring Gauntlet
  8. The ALL IN Platform Implementation

During our 1:1 Live Collaboration Sessions, The ALL IN Team will work with your team to finalize the following Recruitment and Hiring Assets:

  1. Key Responsibilities with Success Metrics
  2. Day in the Life Narrative
  3. Casting a Wide Net Strategy
  4. Role-Specific Disqualifying Questions
  5. Job Description*
  6. Dedicated Recruitment Website Blueprint*

*Finalized in Phase 2 during a special 30-minute, 1:1 Live Session

Complete easy-to-follow templates and exercises to create the remaining Assets. Send completed Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Assets to The ALL IN Team for a final review.

  1. Core Values with Clarifying Statements
  2. Ideal Schedule
  3. Skills Test Plan
  4. Job Shadow Day Plan
  5. Customized Offer Letter
  6. Daily Vitamin SEE Plan
  7. Development Plan for Your 5-Star Employee(s)
  8. Masterplan for Improving Your R.O.P. Metric

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

How do you Overhaul your Hiring System? One phase at a time!

Phase 1

Five Days to 5-Star Hires


We Hit the Ground Running in Five Days to 5-Star Hires

Then, We Push the Pedal to the Floor


Week 1 Calendar
Week 1 Events

Each day, you will complete the assigned modules and work to tee yourself up for our daily Live, 1:1 Collaboration Sessions.

These live sessions are personalized, collaborative, and literally one on one with our team and yours. This is the time for us to get to know you and your business so we can do the heavy lifting. The ALL IN Team will review, finalize and deliver 16 of your customized tangible Recruitment Assets.

Additionally, we will host Daily Sprints for our program members EVERY WEEKDAY at 6AM PT. Sprints are daily dedicated quiet time to work ON your Assets.

In the first five days, we will activate your account and post your first job on The ALL IN Platform. Job seekers will see your kick-ass job listing, submit their applications, complete The ALL IN Assessment and some will make it to your line of site. Let the Gauntlet begin!

The 16 Tangible Recruitment Assets Completed in Phase 1:

Click on each Asset Booklet to open a preview and see the value

Become a Certified 5-Star Employer


Certify Yourself as an Employer Who Never Settles for Less Than a 5-Star Employee

While the first week focuses on Recruitment, most modules in Weeks 2-5 will focus on Hiring and Retention. At the end of Week 5, you will have 5 new Hiring & Retention Assets.

In these remaining weeks, you will also complete the balance of the modules, their associated exercises, and the last Recruitment Asset.

In Week 2, you will begin attending Monday Check-Ins with Danielle: You and your team will have a private check-in with Danielle to start each week with a bang.  These check-ins are an opportunity to check your progress, talk through any challenges, and remind you that you’ve got this!

Instead of the daily Live Collaboration Sessions during Five Days to 5-Star Hires, The ALL IN Team will host Power Hours every Tuesday and Thursday for live Q&A and feedback.

Power Hours are your time. You’ll bring your completed Done By You assets, top of mind questions or struggles, and we’ll pay special attention to what you need. These Power Hours are another opportunity for time with The ALL IN Experts. You can ask us literally anything… probably. While we may not have all the answers to life, we are more than ready to help you with your Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention needs.

Open Calendar 2
Tues and Thurs - Days shadowed 2

Guided Sprints will continue Mondays through Fridays during Weeks 2-5. You will have a Sprint Agenda for each day and complete the assigned work to build your remaining 7 Recruitment, Hiring & Retention Assets.   

Open Calendar 2
Full Week - Days shadowed 2

As a Certified 5-Star Employer, you’ll recruit more qualified candidates than your competition, hire the talent who successfully complete your Hiring Gauntlet, and retain the 5-Star Employees who produce a 3x Return on Payroll.

The ALL IN App and Community

WEEKS 6-52

Access The ALL IN Team & Community from Anywhere

With that Certified Employer Status comes the need to make like-minded friends who have also promised to #NEVERSETTLE again…

The ALL IN App is a hotspot for entrepreneurial inspiration, encouragement, and connection. Say goodbye to feeling lost and alone in your hiring efforts – your ALL IN acquaintances will be a chat bubble away!

Log on every day to see what’s new in the feed – we’ll share content such as relevant news articles, hiring tips & tricks, educational blogs, and more resources that go against the grain of traditional HR.

As part of The ALL IN Community, you and your team will continue to meet with us live during weekly Power Hours and begin joining our Monthly Best Practices Sessions and Owner-Only Strategic Sessions. After each monthly session, you will walk away with a new tangible resource to add to your arsenal of Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Assets plus a recap email to remind you about all that we covered. That’s a new ALL IN resource every month… talk about value!

The ALL IN Community gives you a direct line to The ALL IN Team: Danielle, Heenle, Kelly, and Roe. Whether you have a quick question, need a resource, or want to have a chat about the world of 5-Star Employees, our team will be active in the App and available via email and phone.  We look forward to connecting with you!

Real, transformative change is achieved together. We are excited to take you through the three phases and help you recruit, hire, and retain 5-Star Employees!

Increasing your hiring success rate from the average 25% to an astonishing 90% takes the sum of all things. Like any other transformative change, you need to commit and follow through to achieve your desired results.

Lucky for you, leveraging the three key ingredients of The 5-Star Employee Hiring System will get you to that 90%.


The ALL IN Hiring Gauntlet

The ALL IN Platform

The ALL IN Assessment

Better, Faster, and More Profitable Than Your Competition's Hiring Strategy

Systematic Alignment, Proven Methodology, and Smart Technology Work Together to Achieve a 90% Hiring Success Rate

The ALL IN Hiring Gauntlet™

The ALL IN Hiring Gauntlet is an expertly crafted hiring process designed to facilitate qualified candidates through each step in the process and systematically filter out 1, 2, & 3-Star Candidates.

Requiring each candidate to complete every step in The ALL IN Hiring Gauntlet will yield the 5-Star Employees you seek.

A 5-Star Employee Generating Hiring Gauntlet Consists Of:

One out of 7 Employees is a 5-Star Employee… To attract the most applicants and exponentially raise your chances of finding 5-Star Employees, you must cast a wide net during recruitment

Many employers fail to distinguish their company from the competition… You need a dedicated recruitment site to stand out from the competition and excite 5-Star Candidates

Wouldn’t this HR stuff be much easier to handle if you had ONE applicant management portal to organize everything on? Say hello to The ALL IN Platform

Imagine if you didn’t have to waste time weeding through unqualified candidates to find your needles in the haystack… The ALL IN Assessment (A.K.A THE GAMECHANGER) will do that work for you!

Ever wanted HR Cheat Sheets? We’ve got you covered! Spot resume red flags in a heartbeat so you only move forward with the BEST candidates

Do all resumes look the same to you? Use a custom screening template and briefly chat with the candidate to remove potential 1,2, & 3-Star Employees from consideration.

Have you been hiring the best interviewers instead of the best employees? Test the skill and force the candidate to prove themselves. Doing it v. Saying it.

Let’s be honest. You scramble to come up with interview questions five minutes before the interview – you’re winging it. Ask the same customized, role-specific interview questions to each candidate and truly set yourself up to objectively evaluate each candidate.

Ever had an employee quit within one day? One week? One month?  Solidify your gut instinct by creating opportunities for the candidate to demonstrate their abilities and fit into your organization during Shadow Day.

Is the shiny and sparkling version of the candidate the one who will show up on Monday? Talk to a previous supervisor and find out firsthand.

Miss out on a 5-Star Candidate while you were googling offer letter templates? Prioritize recruitment and quickly move candidates through your Hiring Gauntlet.

How important is it for your employees to actually have their credentials, license or degree?  Thought so. Use a third party to verify and screen your candidates.

Want to Add More Steps to Your Gauntlet? No Problem – It's Meant to Be Customizable!

The fundamental principle is simple: DO NOT CHEAT YOUR GAUNTLET.  

You will only consider candidates that successfully complete the 10 or more challenges we guide you on designing and implementing in your Hiring Gauntlet.

5-Star Tip: Just because someone is a referral or a relative, does not mean they get a pass on your Hiring Gauntlet!


To successfully hire 5-Star Employees, your Hiring Gauntlet must be put into action with Every. Single. Candidate. 

The Hiring Gauntlet works with every hire?


The ALL IN Platform™

The ALL IN Platform will level up your hiring process so you can find not only one or two 5-Star Employees, but your ENTIRE Dream Team.

The 5-Star Employee Hiring System includes 12 months of the ALL IN PLATFORM Assessment & Applicant Tracking System

The ALL IN Platform is your dedicated technology to facilitate each applicant through your Hiring Gauntlet and your all-in-one portal to manage applicants and listings.

Automatically filter out average, ho-hum, or worse candidates so you can focus your time only on the potential 5-Star Employees. 

The ALL IN Assessment & Custom Benchmark 

Proven Indicator of How a Candidate Will Perform at Work 

  • Automatically and objectively filter out 1,2 & 3-Star Applicants in seconds   
  • Evaluate candidate characteristics 
  • Identify a candidate’s preferred way of acting/thinking to ensure alignment with role 
  • Get to know a candidate through Approach to Work and Team Fit reports  
  • Clone your 5-Star Employees with a role-specific custom benchmark 

Applicant Tracking System

Save Time by Leveraging One ATS for All Roles & Every Candidate  

  • Organize applicants by role-specific benchmark score to quickly identify which candidates will move forward in your application process  
  • Post jobs on multiple job boards with one click 
  • Electronically track candidate applications, resumes, cover letters, notes, and statuses 
  • Expand your reach with unlimited job listings 
  • Gain access to 28 standard Hiring Metric Reports 

Dedicated Support

Saying It v. Doing It  

  • Browse our 500+ Skills Test Library that encompasses 14 varying industries 
  • Evaluate candidates using as many skills tests as you please  
  • Create and deploy customized role-specific skills test bundles 
  • Numeric scoring helps you to easily assess a candidate’s competency


The ALL IN Assessment

Within The ALL IN Platform, you’ll leverage The ALL IN Assessment: a unique and easy to use psychometric job fit assessment that enables you to make better hiring decisions… #hiringscience.

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The ALL IN Assessment is scientifically developed to evaluate an applicant’s abilities, motivation and interest, and personality. It’s the best way to filter out mismatches and hire 5-Star Employees.

This ain’t your momma’s assessment. Aside from the scientific development and ability to assess multiple characteristics of each applicant, The ALL IN Assessment also uses social desirability as a lie detector. Essentially, applicants who strategically answer questions to make themselves look good will be thwarted.

Assessments like DiSC and Myers-Briggs are best suited to understand someone once a hiring decision has been made because they place individuals into predetermined labels. While the labels are helpful to understand how to work with someone, they are not role-specific and do not predict an individual’s ability to do a job.

To boot, an individual’s DiSC and Myers-Briggs assessment results vary based on their state of mind and how the questions are answered. Thus, these options are generally not recommended as pre-employment tests.

With The ALL IN Assessment, the assessment remains the same, regardless of when the test is taken. Your candidate won’t be able to intentionally or unintentionally alter their results. 

The ALL IN Assessment is a normative test designed to provide dependable and unwavering insight into an applicant’s personality and workplace capability via job profiling for a specific role. Unlike DiSC or Myers-Briggs, The ALL IN Assessment was created to score a candidate’s potential fit for a specific role.  The higher the score, the better the fit.

It’s safe to say The ALL IN Assessment covers more ground than other job-fit testing out there, but let’s see the details:


All From 35-Minute Assessment​


Integrated Role-Specific Benchmark​

Focus on Work


Compensation Preference

Approach to Risk Taking

Task vs. Person Focused

Preference for Change






Next Steps:

 to submit payment and select your start date for Week 1



Meet Heenle (He-Null) Turner, our Vice-President of Content and Consulting, based in Orange County, California.  Her areas of focus are the program content and consultative support provided to the ALL IN Community.

As the Vice-President of Content and Consulting, she aligns the vision of The ALL IN Company to the programs and delivered content.  She works closely with all our clients, team, and partners to ensure our Certified 5-Star Employers are set up to recruit, hire, and retain 5-Star Employees.

As an HR expert and professional, Heenle is the person to bring you results-driven, creative solutions that align with your unique business and keep you compliant.  From recruiting the best employees to transitioning out the ones that need to go, Heenle is your go-to resource. 

Heenle is not in sales – she cares deeply about your success at recruiting, hiring, and retaining 5-Star Employees! You can trust her to guide you in making sound decisions that are best for your business. 

Reach out to Heenle with any questions about The ALL IN Company or our Hiring System Overhaul.

[email protected]

Heenle Turner

Meet Kelly Tyrpak, our Content Writer and Community Curator, based in Buffalo, NY. Her areas of focus are all things written.

As a Content Writer and Community Curator, you’ll see Kelly at all our live sessions where she organizes the golden nuggets from each meeting and tracks super details from our clients.

Kelly sees every ALL IN deliverable. She collaborates with our team to ensure your Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Assets are packed with 5-Star draw factors and have superb consistency, formatting, and flow.

When she’s not recapping a live session or writing new blogs and other social media content, Kelly is hard at work cataloging our clients’ intel, resources, and communications with the rest of The ALL IN Team.

Kelly has a vigorous passion for writing and the drive to help out small business owners who need a little flair in their Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Assets.

Connect with Kelly on The ALL IN App or during our live sessions.

Kelly Tyrpak

Meet Roe Hughes, our Graphic Designer and Video Editor, based in Corona, CA. His areas of expertise involve making ideas into visuals.  

As a Graphic Designer and Video Editor, you won’t have much interaction with Roe during live programming, but rest assured he’s working hard behind the scenes!  

Roe makes it possible for us to deliver visually consistent content in an easy-to-use format.  

When he’s not building us templates, or formatting a document, he is creating graphics to visually depict the messages we aim to deliver.   

Roe has a creative mind and uses his skills and passion to help The ALL IN Team deliver Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention content and Assets.  

Roe Hughes

The ALL IN Platform

  • Description: The GAME CHANGER that includes pre-employment Assessments, 500+ Skills Tests, intelligent applicant tracking software, and MORE.

  • Benefit: Streamline 5-Star Candidates through your hiring process and filter out the other 85% of unqualified applicants.

Skills Test

  • Description: Testing administered during the interview process to measure a candidate’s ability to perform tasks and responsibilities of the role.

  • Benefit: Objectively evaluate a candidate’s ability to do the job and filter out candidates who say they can do it but really can’t.

Casting a Wide Net Strategy

  • Description: Employ many out-of-the-box recruitment strategies to attract a larger number of candidates than your competition.

  • Benefit: Only 15% of candidates will be 5-Stars, so Casting a Wide Net during recruitment is crucial to finding 5-Star Employees.

Role-Specific No Thank You Questions

  • Description: Questions that determine if a candidate meets the minimum requirements for the role.

  • Benefit: Remove 1, 2, & 3-Star candidates who do not meet the basic requirements of the role from temptation.

Ideal Schedule

  • Description: An overview of the idyllic daily schedule where each block of time is dedicated to a revenue-driving responsibility.

  • Benefit: Verify your employees are spending their day on revenue-driving tasks and 3xing their salaries.

Core Values Development and Refinement

  • Description: The Business Owner’s Core Values are things YOU pay attention to 100% of the time.

  • Benefit: Recruit employees who act and think like you. Create long-lasting relationships and loyalty.

Day in the Life Narrative

  • Description: A detailed letter that offers a narrative description of the role and responsibilities on a typical day.

  • Benefit: Provides candidates with another perspective and more details of the role to generate excitement in 5-Star Candidates and repel the rest.

Job Shadow Day Plan

  • Description: A detailed plan designed to facilitate an accurate day in the life experience for a candidate.

  • Benefit: Expertly mapped out Shadow Days seal the deal with 5-Star Candidates and filter out those who are not an ideal fit.

Role-Specific Aptitudes Interview Packet

  • Description: Customized interview questions for the 9-13 role-specific aptitudes.

  • Benefit: Ask the same custom questions to each candidate and objectively make the best hire (those who demonstrate the chosen aptitudes).

Key Responsibilities with Success Metrics

  • Description: Quantifiable, revenue-driving responsibilities and tasks that define the main purpose of the role.

  • Benefit: Attract results-driven candidates and set clear expectations for employees.

11 Universal Qualities Interview Packet

  • Description: Customized interview questions that assess candidates for The 11 Universal Qualities of 5-Star Employees.

  • Benefit: Ask the same custom questions to each candidate and objectively make the best hire (those who demonstrate the 11 Qualities).

5-STar Employee Rating System Scorecard

  • Description: A custom scorecard used to identify potential 5-Star Employees.

  • Benefit: Objectively rate each candidate using The 5-Star Employee Rating System to consistently hire and retain 5-Star Employees.

Screening Interview Flow and Questions

  • Description: A 20-minute conversation to warm up the candidate, talk through their resume, and answer preliminary questions.

  • Benefit: Filter out mismatches and candidates who are not a fit for your organization. Avoid a mishire.

Job Posting Formula to Attract 5-Star Employees

  • Description: An expertly created Job Posting with many descriptive elements that attract 5-Star Candidates.

  • Benefit: Catch the eyes of 5-Star Candidates who fit ideal characteristics and repel the 1, 2, and 3-Star Candidates who are turned off by the details.

Role-Specific Custom Benchmark

  • Description: An ideal personality profile created through analysis of existing 5-Star Employees and collaboration with The ALL IN Team.

  • Benefit: Only spend your time with candidates whose general abilities, motivators, and personalities align with your ideal candidate avatar.

Hiring Gauntlet

  • Description: A 12-step hiring process with 10 or more customizable challenges candidates must successfully navigate through.

  • Benefit: Use the same results-yielding process for every hire to build a team of 5-Star Employees while filtering out 1, 2, and 3-Star Candidates.